Our Fees

Our fees are reflective of our expertise and extensive experiences as clinicians specialising in autism and neurodiversity, the quality of our work and the care you will receive. All our qualified clinicians have completed their doctoral training, are working as senior or lead practitioners in NHS services, and have extensive experiences with neurodivergent clients with a range of abilities. 

Our reports are comprehensive and person-centred. When you receive an autism diagnosis, we do not only provide you your scores on our assessment measures, but a detailed, personalised explanation of why you meet diagnostic criteria. We will go through your autism profile, including your key autistic preferences, and traits. We will also make individualised recommendations for coping strategies, resources, and the kind of support you will next benefit. This way, you will have be empowered to share and communicate your diagnosis and needs with those around you. If audiovisual information is more accessible, we can also record our feedback session for you.

Autism assessment

We understand that undergoing an autism assessment is a great financial and time commitment. As such, we offer an initial autism screening assessment to fully understand the context of your request, your current concerns and background. This allows us to recommend if an autism assessment would be useful at this time,

We may recommend a ‘standard’ or an ‘enhanced’ autism assessment depending on the complexity. Most of the time, a standard assessment is sufficient. Sometimes we need more time with clients with complex life experiences or presentations to ensure that we fully understand your needs and reach an accurate, reliable and valid diagnostic outcome.

The ‘standard assessment’ includes a social behavioural observation assessment, an informant interview, a feedback session, an outcome letter and a more comprehensive report. The ‘enhanced’ assessment may involve additional assessment meetings and/or additional clinician and/or professional liaison with your current care network.

If an autism assessment seems unlikely to be useful at present, we would recommend other kinds of assessment and/or support, but if you still wish to pursue a full diagnostic assessment, we would respect and support your decision. In any case, we strive to provide a meaningful assessment outcome. 

Psychological therapy

As “autism specialists”, we have extensive experiences in adapting psychological therapies to meet the needs of autistic and neurodivergent individuals and to ensure that our therapy sessions are effective in making positive differences in your life. 

Before commencing therapy work, we often recommend a specialist psychological assessment. This allows us to better understand your concerns, your therapy goals, and to collaboratively develop a “plan” for the best kind of psychological therapeutic support for you. 

Our therapy sessions are 50 minutes per meeting. Prices vary depending on the clinician’s experiences and the complexity of the case. 

Autism and neurodiversity training and workshop

We offer training and workshops on any autism-related topics, such as understanding autism and neurodiversity, creating a neuro-affirmative environment, empowering a neurodiverse workforce. We can deliver the training in-person or remotely. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer. 

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